ENEL Electrical Substations - DG2092

ENEL "DG 2092 Rev. 02" type Electrical Substations (for MV fed customers)

This Electrical Substations are produced, manufactured and tested according to the requirements of the relevant technical ENEL specifications DG2092 Rev.02, and according to DM 14.01.2008.

The Electrical Substations DG 2092 basically consist in two Prefabricated main components made in vibrated reinforced concrete: the "Cabin" and the "Foundation Base".

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The standard colors of the Cabin are RAL 1011 (beige-brown) for the outer walls and RAL 7001 (silver-gray) for the roof. The interior walls and ceiling are painted white color, the floor is covered with an anti-acid and water repellent sheath layer

Data Sheet
  • Typology
    CSS-6 EC

  • Reference specification
    DG 2092 ed. 03

  • Dimensions (L x P x h)
    Cabin: 6.700 x 2.500 x 2.600 mm
    Tub: 6.640 x 2.440 x 600 mm
  • Weight
    Cabina: 19 t
    Vasca: 7 t
  • Finishing
    Cabina: Plastico
  • Color
    Cabin: RAL 1011

  • Equipment
    Rack cabinet DY 3005
    Internal electrical system
    Covering plates for MV cables
  • Fixtures
    Double-leaf door ENEL DS 919 / DS 918 approved
    Door to one door
    ENEL DS 927 / DS 926 approved ventilation grilles
  • Accessories
    ENEL DS 927 / DS 926 approved ventilation grilles

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