ENEL Electrical Substations - DG 2061

ENEL "DG 2061" type Electrical Substations

"ENEL" Electrical Substations type consists of two prefabricated reinforced concrete elements (box and pre-casted basement) and is intended to be used as ENEL transformation cabin for the containment of ENEL-unified medium-voltage switchboards in all three types, medium-voltage/low-voltage transformer and low-voltage switchboard with two or more outputs.

The box is equipped with trace lighting system with a small board for auxiliary services, an internal ground connection circuit, a door with two leaves and two windows, all approved by ENEL, a roof wind rotating ventilation and fiberglass trapdoor on floor for access to basement.

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The box can be supplied with different internal fittings, so as to better fulfill the most varied technical and commercial requirements. Manufactured and tested in full accordance with the norms in force, these substations are in accordance with the regulation CEI 0-16, with structural characteristics and dimensions in compliance with ENEL prescriptions: DG 2061, DG 2092, etc.

The ENEL type Substations under production are:

Data sheet
  • Typology
    CSS-5 E

  • Reference specification
    DG 2061 ed. 07/08

  • Dimensions (L x P x h)
    Cabina: 5.710 x 2.500 x 2.600 mm
    Vasca:  5.670 x 2.440 x 600 mm
  • Weight
    Cabin: 16 t
    Tub:     6 t
  • Finishing
    Cabina: Plastico

  • Color
    Cabina: RAL 1011

  • Certification
    CE marking

  • Reference legislation
    IEC 62271-202 e CEI EN 62271-202.

  • Equipment
    LV picture holder frame
    Covering plates for MV cables
  • Accessories
    Double-leaf door ENEL DS 919 / DS 918 approved
    ENEL DS 927 / DS 926 approved ventilation grilles
    Eolithic aspirator in stainless steel

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